Are you in the Zone?

So we took the plunge to embrace a new wearable technology system into the gym that helps you workout in the right zones for your goals.

Yep the big screen is a small part of what Myzone is all about. Its about helping people do the right amount of exercise at the right intensity.

See not all fitness needs to be done at 100% intensity in order to create a change.

Information, stats, feedback helps us make better/ more informed decisions about how hard to push ourselves.

So we did a little test in October, we asked everyone with a belt to go…”All out” to see how many MEPS they would get from their usual volume of training.

Now a short explanation of what a MEP is may be appropriate. A Myzone Exercise point is awarded for 1 minute spent in a certain heart rate range. The longer or Harder you work, the more points you get!

All ‘zones’ are based on your own personal max heart rate, so two people can compete with one another irrespective of their fitness level/ age or gender.

MyZone Heart-Rate Zones

MyZone Heart-Rate Zones

MyZone All-Out-October Results

MyZone All-Out-October Results

Our All Out October Winner:

Treena Angel racked up a whopping 7300+ MEPS in October which gave her the title of our first
ever Myzone Meps Challenge Winner.

With an equally determined Julie Jordan, Ffion jones and Sion Pritchard coming in close behind.

What Treena Said:

Absolutely loving the Myzone belt!

I needed a bit of a challenge to push me to move a bit more, although I was sitting on the exercise bike regularly I really wasn’t getting my heart rate up to where it needed to be.

Then I purchased the Myzone belt and everything changed it gave me a focus and motivation to achieve and succeed. The All out for October has been an absolute game changer, I have moved so much more than I have in ages.

I didn’t think I had a competitive streak but when I saw the numbers of other people it pushed me to push myself. Most of my training days resulted in me not leaving the gym until I had completed 1000 calories and at least 300 MEPs. The result, I feel fitter, am leaner than I’ve been in ages and have even started to pursue other activities such as mountain biking.

Love it, definitely a worthwhile purchase.

Treena Angel - Our All-Out-October Winner

Treena Angel - Our All-Out-October Winner

Do you want to get moving with Myzone?

If you’re looking to get a Myzone exercise belt you’re welcome to join in ANYTIME.

And here are some of the reasons we’ve found its worth the £79.99 investment:

  1. The belt system has built in cardio workouts, housed on a really easy to use app on your phone, which will help you optimise your training for maximal result.
    This means that it will tell you which heart rates to workout in depending upon your goal.

  2. You can challenge your workout buddies to challenges you think of yourself like “First to burn X amount of calories” or “Whoever gets the most MEPS this week gets the Friday night treat bought for them”. Its a great way to workout with and against your gym buddies.

  3. It helps us coach you better. Pulling up a Myzone profile takes 2minutes for a coach and it helps us workout if you’re doing enough work at the right intensity for your goal.

  4. Its great at assessing your heart rate and your health. It has a built in fitness test function which you can use to assess your recovery speed. This is IDEAL for finding out how much fitter you are getting each month.

  5. You’ll be able to join in on our monthly Myzone Challenges that reward points with Prizes.

Move - Ember

Our Myzone Challenge in November is TEAM based. Thats right folks, you’ll be in one of the coaches teams and they’ll be there to help you move more/ better in “Move-Ember”.

Each of our 6 coaches has a team each and we will be in competition with one another to see who can rouse the motivation in our teams to get out and clock up some serious MEPS!