Feel Good FAST First!

In the month of October we launched Feel Good FAST. We came up with the campaign after seeing so many of you fine folk helping newbies get started at Fast. It bought a little lump to our throat and a tear to our eye (even George’s) and we were inspired to find a way to say thanks!

Then one morning over coffee we hit upon an idea that would make everyone happy!. Like the Robin Hood of Fitness Folk lore the solution was obvious. We’d add a value to our week trial (£10 to be fair) and then give that money right back to our loyal, merry members. The first of which was announced this week….

Ammie Bowen was crowned Feel Good FAST champion for October-claiming the £90 collected over the month! Now this wasn’t some random decision. In fact, it was decided over a surprisingly serious conversation between our coaches (a rare thing in the Fast office!). You see the Feel Good FAST winner represents everything that makes our members so incredible. And Ammie had showed up on every single one - making the decision quite easy in the end - thanks Ammie! We like to call these values our Fast At-Tribe-butes and if you’re not quite sure exactly what these are click here to find out more.


Here’s Ammie pictured with Rich her lovely coach and this is what she said;

“Back in February I decided to join the fast family- and to date its one of the best things I’ve done in my life that’s been just for me.
I’ve lost weight, gain confidence and made some amazing friends. All the coaches are incredible, your smiling faces and positive attitudes defo make it so you want to turn up and be the best you can.

I love my small group sessions and this guy Richard Blake is awesome, he certainly deserves a massive amount of credit, he’s played a huge part in my journey so far and I don’t know where I’d be right now if I hadn’t joined fast. I’ve not only been making physical changes but emotional ones to, Rich has always been there from the off he’s helped me to deal with my grief, my attitude toward life and to be a better person as well as improving my health through the weight loss and training- and always knows when I’m not ok and helps me through. Thank you so much rich I appreciate everything you do for me so much. 

All that’s left to say is thank you and I plan to use the money to make a memory doing something out of my comfort zone.”

Ammie Bowen

Without making too much of a big fuss (we know you’re not too keen on that Ammie). Everyone on the Fast team and everyone who trains with you would like to say you’re freakin’ awesome! It is a pleasure to have you in the Tribe, you inspire everyone around you :) Coach Rich is super proud of you, so just keep doing what you’re doing dude!

So if you’re inspired (you blooming well should be). Step things up for November to be in with a chance to claim the next Feel Good FAST. And remember the more people we get to try out Fast Way to Fitness the more the Feel Good funds rise!

Check out how it all works by clicking here or just grab one of our friendly coaches to get the low-down!

Feel Good Vibes from all the Fast Team X

michelle bonfield