holiday policy

Looking to take a break but not sure how to take your training with you?

Here at FAST we aim to cover every base when it comes to helping you on your fitness journey. That’s why we even want you to take us on holiday! We’ve developed your very own fitness suitcase to make sure wherever you are and whatever you’re up to you can add in some fun FAST training to keep you happy and healthy on hols. To access this great perk let your trainer know 7 days before you jet off and we’ll send you a fitness suitcase link. Our promise is to keep you active over the duration of your membership so we do not freeze memberships whilst you are away.

injury or illness

Had some really bad luck and need to take a break?

Bad stuff happens - we know. But we hope we can help get you back on the road to recovery. That’s why if you have been medically diagnosed with an injury or illness by a health professional we will do the following;

  • Freeze your membership immediately upon receipt of a doctors/hospital letter for the duration of the illness/injury inclusive of sufficient recovery time.

  • Cancel your membership immediately upon receipt of a doctors/hospital letter advising to do so.

Please email


No hard feelings…

Of course we’re always sad to say goodbye to members of our Tribe but we also understand these things happen. It’s not you it’s me - we know the story…

So if it’s time for you to head off then just follow these simple steps;

  1. Write to giving us a 30 day cancellation period

  2. Return you members key fob to a member of staff (we need this to deactivate your account)

  3. Remember that our door is always open when the time is right for you in the future :)