It's a No From Me

Do you find yourself always saying ‘Yes’? I sure do. If there’s a job to be done-’yes I’ll do it’. If someone needs a hand-‘yep just say the word’. If everyone’s desperate for a brew - ‘Yes, I’ll get the kettle on!’ Saying ‘yes’ isn’t always such a bad thing right? For instance, saying ‘Yes’ to every opportunity that comes your way is an awesome way to be continuously challenged and grow. But at certain important times riding the ‘yes-wave’ just doesn’t cut it.

That’s why this month is your time to take a stand! No more Mr (or Mrs) Nice Guy. You’re gonna get mean. You’re gonna be baaaaad and you’re gonna say NOOOOOOOOO! NO NO NO NO NO! Okay, you got me, you’re not going to say ‘No’ to making your buddy a cuppa and you’re probably still going to say ‘yes - I’ll give you a hand’. But you are going to use your ‘NOOOs’ to make powerful changes in your life this month! The month of Noooooooo-vember (see what we did there).

You see we’re pretty certain that there are things in your life that you are saying ‘Yes’ to that are;

  • Derailing your progress

  • Tripping you up

  • Causing moments of weaknesses

  • Generally making you feel rubbish!

These things could be encountered in your fitness, your food or even your focus.

For example upon an evening, after proudly clocking your macros through the day, that evil chocolate bar starts calling you from the cupboard and, well, you know the rest. Or you say yes to ‘just one more’ episode in that incredible box-set and end up binge watching the whole blooming lot, wrecking your precious sleep and foregoing the gym the next morning. I think you’re starting to get the picture.

Even as coaches we have our kryptonite! That’s why this week I’m kicking off with a few tough No’s…

  • NO coffee (for at least a week)

  • NO cheat meals (on any day of the week!!)

  • NO more excuses for missing training sessions

By saying no to these few things, I’m certain I’m going to smash my training, elevate my performance and blitz my 6 week challenge results. Why? Because I’m going to be sleeping better, I’ll be fully energised and hydrated and I feel rather proud of myself!

So join with us this month at Fast Way to Fitness.

Take a stand.

Work out what’s holding YOU back.

Tell us about it.

Then shout NOOOOO right in it’s good-for-nothing face!

michelle bonfield