Move - Ember!

In November we introduced the first TEAM Myzone challenge, where each of the Fast coaches had a team of Members who would earn MEPS for a collective score.

It was absolutely INCREDIBLE to witness people pushing one another to get out and move more than ever before. 

Not only were people moving more, they were moving more TOGETHER! 

Walking round the Orme, Scaling Snowdon, Meeting on the bikes before workouts and helping one another get training…All in the name of earning MEPS for their team.

Team George took a very early lead and 1 week in seemed like it would be a one horse race, but as the month of Move-ember rolled on, there has been a weekly change in the Top 3. Showing that people naturally have peaks and troughs in how much they move.


The final leaderboard saw Team John maintain their impressive lead crowning them the Move-Ember Champions!! Massive congratulations for John and the gang for their incredible and unrelenting determination over the entire month. A truly inspiring effort and a huge benchmark for future challenges!

Whats been amazing about the first team challenge is that we’ve seen how powerful it is to workout as a tribe and how 3 people saying “I’m doing extra cardio” or “I’m walking round the Orme who fancies joining me”… really is when it comes to action on exercise.

We’re just learning how to best use Myzone to drive accountability, action and enjoyment at Fast Way To Fitness and the Myzone team challenge we believe has been a huge success.


We feel if there’s even just that teeniest extra reason to get off the sofa on a cold night, or do that extra rep in every session on the whole our community will push themselves more than ever.

Again if you have invested in Myzone or are thinking about it you are welcome to join in at any point of your Fast Journey. 

Simply ask one of your coaches to share with you how to get involved and how it may benefit your training and body transformation experience.


As the month of December is upon us we want to see people moving as much as possible during the festive period. HOWEVER… You’ll ONLY be rewarded for the GREY & BLUE zones!

Which will mean that most of your MEPS are likely to come from exercise you do OUTSIDE of the gym.

Dark Grey and Blue Zones are where your heart rate is 50% and 60% of Maximum heart rate, which is INCREDIBLE for heart health, stress levels, burning fat and sustainable exercise volume. Decembers Myzone points are going to accumulated in those long winter walks along the prom or out with the family.

Good Luck!