Ly - cra - cra!

Earlier this month Conwy was thrust into a lycra frenzy as it hosted its tenth Half Marathon!

Despite it being voted in the top 5 most scenic half marathons in the UK. Plus the pull of lycra we wondered why our lovely ‘non-runner’ Fastie Carissa decided to take the plunge?

We caught up with Carissa this week and asked were you just CRA-CRA or was it a good idea afterall?!


What made you sign up to the challenge?
Honestly, I use to hate running but always liked the thought of doing it. I love a challenge so decided to just throw myself straight into a half marathon.... Why not?! Haha

How did your time at FAST help get you prepared?
I have learnt a lot from Fast. Especially when it comes to the mental attitude. The courage and belief the coaches have given me helped me massively to believe I CAN do it! 

What was your toughest bit of your training?
I didn’t do much training but when I did it was to carry on going when I wanted to give up.

How did you get through it? Kept talking to myself... You CAN do this Carissa 

What was going through your mind on the start line?
What on earth have i got myself into here..

What was the best bit during the race?
The atmosphere and encouragement around us and definitely having my sister right by my side the whole way telling me 'we've got this carissa just keep going' 

What did you think and feel as you crossed the finish line?
A huge sense of relief and emotion. I couldn't believe it. I was SO proud.

Any advice to someone thinking of giving it a go?
Believe in yourself. Keep telling yourself you CAN do it and never give up!

Here’s were Carissa’s words as she crossed the finish line:

We DID IT!!!

Most definetely the most HARDEST, EMOTIONAL, DRAINING experience of my life!! That stretch home took everything out of us mentally and physically.

Couldn’t have done it without my best friend/sister by my side talking me through when my legs felt like I couldn’t carry on! And a huge well done to my cousin Ian Williams for smashing it in 1hr 53mins 💪🎖️🙌

I am absolutely over the moon to cross the finish line with you Serena Anne Jones our first half marathon ever and we did it in 2hr 18mins smashing our goal of 3hrs!

SO CHUFFED... SO PROUD I’m beaming right now.
— Carissa Jones

We’re damn proud of you too Carissa! Thanks for your inspirational vibes :

The Fast Team X