We're NOT a Gym


Most people don’t appreciate being labelled right? “Don’t put me in a box!” . “I can’t believe you just called me that”, can often be our responses to an unappreciated ‘tag’! However a fact of life is that labeling things makes our everyday a little easier. It makes communication a hell of a lot quicker and we tend to get what we want a great deal faster. Yet even as a business we get a bit touchy with labels and here’s why…

Back in the day when I moved to the area I had no knowledge of Fast Way to Fitness. I was looking for a ‘gym’. I was looking for group workouts. I didn’t want ‘cross-fit’ but I did want a good work out. So I Googled and up popped Fast Way to Fitness. “That’ll do” - I thought and within a few days I’d had my consult and I was in. If you’d have asked me back then what Fast Way to Fitness was I probably would have said “A gym” or “it does group training” and that would have been that. How wrong could I have been!

Since that very first day FAST has become so much more to me and many others. Hence the drive to write this post and hopefully add some clarity for curious people…

So are we a gym? No! Are we a Fitness Centre? No!

So what on earth are we then?

As I began to train at Fast Way to Fitness the biggest thing that struck me was how blooming lovely everyone was. Not just the coaches but all of the people around me. They were 100% GENUINE. Having trained at countless gyms, cross-fit boxes and fitness centres around the world I had NEVER experienced anything quite like it. I was welcomed in immediately to the Tribe. FAST was a place that let me be completely myself. No pretences, no nonsense, no mirrors, no make-up, no judgement. Everyone on the same level working TOGETHER to become better.

Not only this. Training was just one part of the puzzle. I discovered so much more about myself through the FOCUS workshops and FOOD coaching. Each time I went away with a new buzz. Inspired and driven to learn more…

After a matter of months I was so hooked and convinced I’d stumbled across something rather unique I forced Ben (the owner) to give me a job! And since that point I’ve never looked back. Now a year on this feeling is even stronger, even clearer from seeing the company and it’s incredible community grow. Growth that thrives from the energy of every individual who trains there. REAL people who ALWAYS have your back, who’ll give you a ‘foot-up’ or, when required, an encouraging kick!

So in conclusion ‘What is Fast Way to Fitness’?

FAST is a place to call HOME. It’s doors are always open for you whatever is going on in your life. It’s Tribe is YOUR FAMILY where you will be encouraged and supported no matter what.

It’s space is YOUR SPACE.

Still don’t believe us? Come find out for yourself :)

Proud Vibes the FAST Coaches X

michelle bonfield