A training session specifically designed to help you burn body fat, build lean and toned muscle and master the fundamental exercises to transform your body. You can expect a workout using Dumbbells, kettlebells, bands and bodyweight that leaves you feeling pumped, mobile and energised.


The focus of this session is to help you increase the resistance you use, help you get stronger and build a strong athletic, muscular physique. You can expect a workout using barbells, dip bars and pull up stations, which will leave you feeling stronger, pumped and proud that you are lifting heavier weights.


If you want to feel fitter/ improve your conditioning or you just enjoy the high intensity feeling of fast paced sessions the get Fit class is focused on building your cardiovascular fitness. You can expect to use rowers, ski ergs do burpees and push prowlers in this session which will help get that heart rate pumping, get you sweating and help you get on the fastest way to fitness.


We’ve created a spin class with a difference. This high energy Row, Spin bike and Assault-Bike session is designed to get your pulse racing to varying intensity intervals. This class brings together the best of group studio cycling, Fast training and exercise to music. Note, this class is currently limited to 18 spaces.


Fight Your Way To Fitness in this group boxing based workout. You’ll Punch, Crunch, Skip and Smash for a heart racing high intensity session. This workout brings together the speed and agility of boxing with the strength and endurance of a Fast Workout.


Saturday Sweat is a group conditioning session designed to get you sweating and smiling. Every Saturday! If you’re looking to start your weekend with a workout fit for a warrior get yourself down to Fast for this 60minute movement masterclass!



Can I attend any class?

Absolutely, Explore the classes, find which ones work for you.

Can I attend two classes back to back?

We recommend at least 12 hours between classes, if you really want to though chat to your coach.

If I attend 'Get strong' will I get bulky?

No, unless you’re eating to bulk up, you won't get bulky.

What happens if I cant do an exercise?

Every single exercise we do at Fast has an alternative. Your coach will help you find a close alternative.

Do the classes follow a pattern?

Yes. The Classes will often be in an upper, lower, whole body pattern repeated mon-wed and thurs- sat.

Should I stick to just 'get lean' or 'get strong'?

You are welcome to try various sessions. Discuss you goals with your coach and they will advise if you are unsure

What time should I get there?

The Class starts at quarter past the hour, Aim to arrive on the hour, saves you the stress of being late.

If I want to train but don't feel up to a class what do i do?

You are more than welcome to come down and cycle, ski or row at any time of the day for as long as you like.

If I've never been to a class before can I just turn up?

YES! Definitely. This will be exciting for you and a great chance to meet new people and do new things.

If I have an injury or a health concern what do I do?

Ensure you tell your coach in your FAST Start session.

What happens if I have an injury?

Depending on the severity of your injury you are welcome to train, the session may be modified. Please speak to your trainer