Terms & Conditions



Our memberships are annual memberships and are available for an initial minimum term of 12 months. Memberships can be paid either upfront by lump sum or by monthly direct debit. Discounts are available for 6 or 12 month upfront payments please ask us about our latest offers.

Payments must be made in advance and include VAT. If you are paying in full via BACS - payments must be made prior to training commences.

rescheduling sessions

Missed sessions on the part of the client cannot be rescheduled or carried over into a new contract. The client is responsible for attending all sessions.


You can cancel your membership within 10 days of joining, provided that you have not used Fast Way to Fitness on more than one occasion; simply confirm your membership details by emailing: admin@fastwaytofitness.co.uk. After the initial 10 day term no refunds can be given for cancellation of your membership with the exception of illness, injury or the specified ‘Change of Circumstances’ (see section below).

Injury or Illness: If you are medically diagnosed with an injury or illness by a health professional that will prevent you from training. In this instance please provide us with a written confirmation from your doctor or hospital and we will do the following;

  • Freeze your membership immediately upon receipt of a doctors/hospital letter for the duration of the illness/injury inclusive of sufficient recovery time.

  • Cancel your membership immediately upon receipt of a doctors/hospital letter advising to do so.

Please email admin@fastwaytofitness.co.uk

Cancellation Proceedure

  1. Write to admin@fastwaytofitness.co.uk giving us a 30 day cancellation period

  2. Return you members key fob to a member of staff (we need this to deactivate your account)

  3. Remember that our door is always open when the time is right for you in the future :)

You can cancel your membership at any time if your circumstances change to such an extent that we are satisfied it is not possible for you to continue to use Fast Way to Fitness (for example, due to medical reasons, if you are made redundant or if you move to an area which is more than 5 miles away). To cancel your membership for non-medical reasons you must give us one full calendar months’ notice and provide suitable proof of your change in circumstance.

Change of Circumstances


Discounts applied to contracts only remain valid for the duration that the terms of the discount are met. For example; if a ‘Family Discount’ has been applied to a contract but the members no longer reside at the SAME ADDRESS the conditions of the discount are no longer met. Therefore Fast Way to Fitness will revert the contract(s) back to the standard rate.


Complaints must be made in writing to your coach or, alternatively, by emailing the address below. If you would prefer to make the complaint in person please email Wendy to arrange an appointment.
Email: admin@fastwaytofitness.co.uk

Here at FAST we aim to cover every base when it comes to helping you on your fitness journey. That’s why we even want you to take us on holiday! We’ve developed your very own fitness suitcase to make sure wherever you are and whatever you’re up to you can add in some fun FAST training to keep you happy and healthy on hols. To access this great perk let your trainer know 7 days before you jet off and we’ll send you a fitness suitcase link. Our promise is to keep you active over the duration of your membership so we do not freeze memberships whilst you are away.