Slimmer for santa

He know's when I've been sleeping, He knows when I'm awake, He knows When I've been Bad or good,
So take this chance to be good for goodness sake!


Here's What You're Getting: The Stream lined Online SPECIAL EDITION of the Fast Way To Fitness Training Delivered to you over the next 8 weeks.

In 8 Short weeks as you follow along with the Online Fast Way To Fitness Programme you will...

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Get fitter by...

Take part in Daily Fat torching workouts: For 8 weeks you'll have a workout schedule that you can fit into your every day life which includes short high intensity workouts that can be scaled for any ability.

Joining a group of like minded online challengers: Over the two months you'll be able to join like minded people looking to melt 1-2 stone of fat or drop a clothes size for Christmas. They won't all be in our Fast gym either. As this is an Online Programme. It means it can be done anywhere.

Selecting the Exercises that progress you: Our programmes encompass movements and exercises for all abilities. We'll personally make sure you're progressing each week


Get more focused by...

Joining in our out FAST Way To Focus Sessions: We'll be getting together each week on your couch and talking through the very next steps you need to take on your programme to get the BEST possible results.

Staying on track with data not drama: We'll help you take the necessary steps to measure the progress you want to make. We'll even give you the necessary tracking documents so you can own your own results!

Giving you STEP by STEP advice: Each week you'll find out 1 thing you have to implement in your diet, training and in your focus to keep you dropping fat, raising energy levels and jumping out of bed each morning.

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Getting leaner by:

Creating small changes that lead to Big Results: You'll find out exactly which small levers to pull on in your diet that lead to big changes on the scales and in your clothes.

Learning what FAST FOODS actually make you leaner: You'll find out the juicy, tasty and fast to prep meals that will help you not only lose fat but enjoy what you eat at the same time. We call them Fast Foods and there are 21 of them that rocket your results.

Having the urgency of being challenged: We're here to light a fire under your ass and to your thighs. Our workouts are designed to torch fat and our implementation programmes are designed for you to take action!