Richard Blake


Hey! My name is Rich and I am one of the coaches at FAST WAY TO FITNESS.

I can help you ‘Perform through your Plateau!’

 After continued success in my current job I finally stumbled upon the dreaded plateau

the opportunities dried up. I had done all the courses I could to try and progress within the organisation but still no opportunities arose.

After a few years without any sign progression everything started to decrease,

energy levels, motivation, ambition and even my will power.

 My training progress was horrific, if not reversing, and I was slowly but surely gaining body fat, exercising less and feeling a lot worse.

I realised to solve this issue I would need to find the path I wanted to purse and really give it my all.

The first thing I wanted to do was change the way I felt about myself, my looks, my confidence and my attitude.

I signed up with a local personal trainer and began my ‘transformation’.

I also began reading books such as The Habit Fix -Ellen rose Giadone, Decisive – Chip & Dan Heath which helped me learn more about the human mind and some of the habits we have.

I also enrolled in Phil Learney’s Advanced Coaching programme which covers everything from human physiology and psychology to coaching and nutrition.

These resources have all helped me learn about influences on the mind and how they can affect us in the decisions we make on a day to day basis.



My own transformation really started to help me change my body and most importantly my mindset.  

I felt myself becoming more active, eating healthier foods and just becoming more energetic and productive in and outside of work.

I found myself finding reasons for being more productive not reasons for watching T.V. or slacking off.

I had a kinda ‘let’s just do it’ moment.

I decided to take the leap of faith and join the Fast Way to Fitness Coaching team.  

I left my safe, consistent income that I have had for the last 9 years and made the move to become a self-employed coach.

I was scared, nervous a massive mix of emotions but excited trumped them all and I was eager to get started.


From my own experience and the learning, I’ve taken part in I’ve created and developed the ‘Perform through your Plateau’ programme.

In this programme, I will pass on my knowledge and experiences to help you break through your own personal barriers and achieve your individual health, fitness and lifestyle goals.


Over the last few years I have had numerous success both with myself and with others.

These range from overcoming my own fears of leaving my long term comfortable job to start the journey to become a successful Personal Trainer to the small things such as reaching my desired weight and body composition.

I have helped people start their journey to where they would like to be mentally and physically by achieving some of their personal goals such as being more confident while on stage and in day to day life and ultimately Perform through their own different plateaus.

Click below for a testimonial from one of my clients and view the testimonial from one of the other FAST WAY TO FITNESS clients.