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Are you ready to transform your body?

Tired of trying fad diets or fitness programes that always end up with you back at square one?

Here at Fast Way to Fitness we know how frustrating it can be.

We sit with new clients everyday who, up until that point,

have spent their entire life investing heaps of energy to get a result that never comes.

Q. Do you want to know the simple reason why?

A. They don’t have the right information for them


our tried and tested 6 Week formula

At Fast Way to Fitness we knew we had the knowledge.

The easy to follow steps. Plus, we could provide the support needed to get anyone a result, in just 6 weeks.

That’s how the 6 Week Challenge was born!

The Fast Way to Fitness formula will give you all the correct information you need and empower YOU to get YOU results in just 6 weeks!

Yes, in just 6 weeks we’ll help you torch that stubborn bodyfat and get you feeling incredible!

Don’t just take our word for it

Last year Fast Way to Fitness saw our biggest member transformations EVER! 

In 2018 we helped hundreds of people get focused, get results and feel motivated using our formula of Food, Focus and Fitness

It helped people lose an average of 5-6kg (11-13lbs) in 6 weeks.

Simple Food Changes, Steps to keep you focused and on track and workouts you'd love.

The steps were incredibly easy, which meant the number of people who actually got a jaw dropping result was amazing.

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  • An easy-to-follow tried and tested program

  • Amazing results after just 6 weeks*

  • Incredible support over the entire challenge

  • A motivational team who have your back

  • Your own coach to guide you through the 6 weeks

  • Simple nutrition coaching you can easily action

  • Fun and fully coached fitness programmes for EVERYONE

our package

  • 1:1 FAST Start Coaching Session (60 min)

  • Bodyfat measures at week 1, 3 and 6

  • Focus coaching at week 1, 3 and 6

  • Nutrition coaching over the entire 6 weeks

  • Unlimited access to our TRIBE fitness programme (6 days a week)

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*As with all health and weight loss programs results will differ for all individuals


I’m new to training will I be able to do well in the challenge?
Yes! Our tried and tested system works for all levels of fitness and ability.

My fitness isn’t great will I still get results?
Yes! Our tried and tested system works for all levels of fitness and ability.

I’ve tried lots of diets in the past and nothing has worked - how is this different?
Firstly the 6 week challenge does not involve ‘dieting’. Your 6 week challenge Coach will work with you to manage your Food, set your Focus and Fitness to get incredible results.

Is there an upper age limit on who can join the 6 week challenge?
Heck no! We have people of all ages achieving incredible results. If you’re over 60 and would like to try the challenge you can take the challenge via our Get Moving programme.

I’m short on time - is this going to involve dedicating lots of hours to training ?
No! We recommend training for a minimum of 3 sessions a week. Your coach will work with you to fit training around your schedule. We have lots of very busy folk achieving incredible results!

Is this going to be complicated?
No! Our formula is super easy that’s why we get such good results. Anyone can follow our simple steps to transform their body.

Is the challenge free?
If you achieve the ‘bodyfat loss’ or ‘weightloss’ goal we are able to use your payment to future programmes for a reduced rate.

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We value your time and your interest so if you could fill out this form we'll be in contact..


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For those who want a mind blowing, fat torching personal training experience... we have our Small Group Training programs available.

Small group training is the sweet spot between training in a group, having a 1-2-1 trainer and getting a mentor.

Our small group training has all the personal programming created from 1-2-1 personal training matched with the accountability of having 3 gym partners. It also has the added value of having a professional mentor to help with things like confidence, self awareness and leadership.

Each of our Fast Coaches have their own programs aimed at specific groups of people they love working with. Some specialise in working with Ladies, Dads, Women with special health considerations, business people even those who just struggle with confidence.

What we help you do is find the right mentor for the struggle that you’re currently trying to solve.

What stands small group training apart from any other program is the intimacy of the group. We reserve spaces on our small group training programs for very accountable people. This creates small and very powerful teams of people who help one another.

On a “SGT” program you will have your very own program written for you, which will be tailored specifically for your body/ lifestyle and the goals that you have, which includes:

Prescriptive cardio

A prescriptive cardio plan is where we measure the exact heart rate at which you burn the most fat… Believe it or not this is the ‘secret weapon’ that helps you get our best results.

Tweaking your heart rate for your cardio can mean you’ll burn e.g. 7 calories instead of 3 whilst doing your cardio, either halving the time you need to do or doubling the fat you can lose.

A personalised weights program:

A personalised weight training plan, designed specifically to meet your needs. This will be written by your trainer to help you work the areas that you want to tone, shape or build the most.

This may also include achievements you wish to surpass for example doing 5 pull ups or running 5k.

Weekly one to one motivational measurements:

We work on data not drama, meaning we will help you assess what’s going on ‘under the hood’. Weekly ultrasound body fat assessments will help you work out how much body fat you are losing, alongside having your measurements taken by a fitness professional so that you’ll see the fruits of your labour week after week.

We’ll equally show you how to track your habits and work on 1 thing each week which will make changing your body as simple as following a sat nav.


Quarterly experiential learning

As part of the SGT program we want to help you enhance your body & we also help you expand your self awareness/confidence and interpersonal skills.

Our coaches will take you on an experiential learning session where you will be pushed outside of your comfort zone with your fellow group members. These have included trampolining, raft building, track cycling, zip line and even kayaking the norwegian fjords. Each coach has their preferred activities that suit their group.

So as you may be able to tell our small group training is MUCH more than having a person sta over you and count your reps.

Its an opportunity to join a very progressive group of people that are looking after their health so they can expand their experiences of life, have more fun and be around high performing people.


What is a mentor?

A Mentor is a skilled/ qualified and trusted advisor. All of our coaches are highly trained and qualified in the areas of personal training, Health & Nutrition coaching and Life coaching.

All FAST coaches have been taught by Benjamin Owen one of the UK’s best health coaches to help you get the best results from your program.

Having a mentor in any area of your life can help make getting results Faster, Easier and more certain. Working closely with a health coach or mentor will ensure you rapidly change your health.

A mentor is there for you to be accountable to and to help you forge

incredible health. This will include helping and guiding and even challenging you where necessary.


What can I expect from this program?

Our small group sessions are an entirely transformational experience. We’ll

help you indulge in transforming your self perception, confidence and physical appearance.

So you can expect to experience huge leaps forward in how you see yourself, what you say to yourself in the mirror each day and please don’t blame us if you start pushing yourself more in your work and your relationships.

Can I do this if I work irregular shift patterns?

Yes...we’d be crazy if we didn’t work with you on this one!

All of our coaches have 2 small groups where you may liaise with the Coach to ensure you get to your regular sessions.

All of our training programs are onli also so if you miss your session or are away on business you can access your program via our programming application for your phone…

See we got this all thought out….

And guess what... If you brought something we had to adapt to fit your life we’d work to find a way.



These are 3 very transformational programs. Each boasting phenomenalsuccesses. So

working out which one is the best fit we can also help you.

Our team offer Motivation MOT calls to help our members and our future members an opportunity to get some direction or advice.

These calls focus on finding the problem you are trying to solve, when you want it solved by and the ‘FAST’ way of getting you there… Whether that’s one of our programs or helping you find the BEST solution for you… these sessions are free and nothing is for sale on the calls.

To request a Motivation MOT call simply click the button below and fill in our very short form.