WHAT is myzone?

Myzone is a great feature of our tribe at Fast Way To Fitness. In 2018 we decided to bring in Heart Rate based training to help our tribe make the most of their training.

Myzone is one of the most popular exercise, heart rate tracking systems and is incredible for measuring and rewarding intensity.

Myzone is a system which measures, logs and reports the intensity of your workouts based on your heart rate. Its innovative “MEP” scoring system allows people to compete in challenges with themselves and others at Fast.

A MEP or “Myzone Exercise Point” is what is awarded for the intensity or duration of a workout.



HOW Does it work?

The Way that Myzone works is that you wear a RED Heart rate tracking strap whilst working out, doing cardio, walking the dog or even doing a vigorous spring clean of the house. The sensors on the strap record the heart rate and you receive points for being in different heart rate ZONES.

The way in which the system works is that you are rewarded for exercise duration AND intensity. So you can either get fitter by working with intensity or duration. Whichever suits you best.

Each persons Myzone works off their individual maximum heart rate, so each person can compete with themselves or in Fast exercise challenges on a level playing field.



Where do i get it from?

To join Fast Way To Fitness’ Myzone you’ll need a Myzone belt. You can purchase these belts from the behind the reception desk at FAST Way To Fitness or you can CLICK HERE.

RRP for the belts is £130, however at FAST Way To Fitness we retail them for just £80.

If you LOVE the sound of Myzone yet aren’t quite sure if it will work for you, every month we have 10 Myzone belts available on a Try before you buy promotion.

All you need to do is ask your coach, or anyone behind the reception desk if you can try a belt for 30 days before you purchase.

If you LOVE the system, are enjoying using it you simply make your payment. If you didn’t feel it was for you, you simply hand back the belt….AWESOME or what!!


Frequently asked quesions…

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