Stop the guesswork and discover how a FAST Health MOT can create lasting change for your health and performance

A FAST Health MOT is more than a quick test. It’s a science backed 1:1 consultation that will progress your journey to improved health and better performance.

We’ve combined our expert knowledge to enable us to get a clear picture of where your health is now and even identify any risks ahead. After your FAST Health MOT we’ll sit with you and walk you through the exact steps to a healthier and fitter future.



the benefits

The FAST Health MOT will allow you to:

  • Detect early signs of risk factors to your health

  • Establish a clear picture of where you are now and where you want to be

  • Maximise efficiency of all onward training

  • Gain peace of mind for those new to training

  • Overcome training plateaus with science-backed data

  • Identify a performance benchmark for progressing training to the next level



our package

The FAST Health MOT includes the following:

fast body map

We’ll be assess your range of motion, strength and any underlying joint pain so that we can inform you of exercises that will give you the fastest progress in your training and also how to amend your lifestlye/ posture/ movement to perform better.

body fat analysis

We’ll take 7 ultrasound measurements across your body and calculate how much body fat you currently have so we can accurately predict how long it will take you to get to your goal physique.


fat max assessment

This 30 minute assessment will help us workout which exercise intensity suits your body the best. Some people actually burn more body fat doing lower intensity training and their current level of health would be more suited to slower/ longer duration training. You’ll come out of this test knowing how healthy your heart and lungs are too.



Over the 10 years FAST has been transforming bodies and lives we’ve helped 1000’s of clients make practical changes to things such as stress level, mental clarity, happiness, productivity and confidence. We’ll take a look at what you can routinely do to enhance your performance in these areas.


health report

We’ll provide a full colour PDF personal health report with a minimum of 7 pages, outlining your readings, all explained in easy to understand terms.


We’ll spend quality time with you going through your results. We’ll offer practical lifestyle advice and a step by step plan to improve your health.




How long does it take?

90 mins

what should I bring?

  • Come in your gym gear

  • Grab a water bottle

what’s the investment?




Do I need to prepare for the Health MOT?
The only thing you need to do is fast for 6 hours prior to the FatMax assessment. Upon booking we will let you now exactly when you should start your fast.

Do I need to wear my gym gear?
Yes! Your favourite workout gear will enable you to get the most out of the session.

I already know my body fat measures is it still worth doing?
Yes definitely. Body Fat is just a small part of your overall health. Looking at the complete picture is essential for gaining a clear understanding of where you’re at.

I’m already a member is the health MOT for me?
Yeeesssss!!! We have developed this product to enable our Tribe to gain even more from their experience at Fast Way to Fitness. We know this tool will be invaluable in helping our Tribe reach their fullest potential.

I’ve taken a break from fitness but I’m looking to get restarted is this for me?
Yes! This is the perfect opportunity to get a clear picture of exactly where you are in your fitness and what steps to take next.