Scan in system


Our Class scan system is now up and running. This means that before any of our classes you'll have to "Bleep" your members keyfob past the scanner in reception.

We're actually pretty excited to have this up and running so that we can serve you better.

1. When we see that you've not been in we can reach out to you to help you.

2. It helps us manage the numbers in the classes so they won't get too busy.

3. It will allow us to run reward systems for people who are attending.

and so much more I'm sure we'll learn as we use it more and more.


1. What happens if I haven't got a keyfob? 
We'll give you one if you ask for one on your next session.

2. What happens if I lose my keyfob?
You'll have to do a 2minute prowler... but we'll give you another one straight after.

3. What happens if I forget to sign in?
We'll be reminding you frequently over the next 2-3 weeks. It will become a habit.

4.Who signs me in?
Your coach will be behind the counter 15mins prior to your session to sign you in. The class will still start on time.

5.Why must we do this?
We want to have this in place to serve you guys better and provide a continually better service.

Appreciate your questions and feedback too folks!

The FAST Team.