Loved up

spread the love & upgrade your experience

Share the FAST love with your buddies and when they join you get to upgrade your training for an entire week and access to all of the perks! Plus, of course, bask in the satisfaction of changing your buddy’s health, happiness and fitness forever!

What’s my upgrade?

Tribe upgrades to a week of Premium Training
Premium Training upgrade to a bespoke 1:1 session

Gotta whole lotta love? No problem we’ve got it covered…

Every time you refer a friend to FAST and they join up you get an upgraded week of training! There’s no limit to the amount of friends you can refer and there’s no cap of how many upgrades you can receive when your whole tribe joins our Tribe!

Love life, Love FAST, Loved Up!


how it works

loved up low-down

  1. Get your buddy started via Feel Good FAST

  2. Hang out with your buddy at FAST for an entire week…

  3. Show-off your atheletic prowess, bad-ass Saturday Sweat dance moves and LOVE of all things FAST!

  4. After a week they catch up with a FAST coach for a chat…

  5. Your buddy can’t quite believe how they’ve survived so long without FAST in their life! They jump straight into the Tribe giving you a first-class thumbs up! (that’s a referral btw)

  6. With your first referral in the bag you get to experience a week of upgraded training. Smug in the knowledge you and your buddy are pushing that bit harder toward your fitness goals. Beautiful.


HOW DOes my buddy get started?

Share the Feel Good FAST link with your buddy and get them to register for a Feel Good FAST starter session :)


how do i claim my upgrade?

To be entitled to an upgrade your buddy must let us know who referred them during their registration at FAST. We will then log this into our system and when they sign-up for a membership you will be credited with your upgrade.

Do they need to book classes?

Your buddy does not need to book classes but they must attend a Feel Good FAST starter session before attending their first class. Click below to book:


can i have more than one upgrade?

Yes! Every time you refer a friend to FAST and they join up for a paid membership at Fast Way to Fitness you will be credited with an upgrade.

I referred my buddy a while back, can i still get an upgrade?

No, referrals cannot be claimed retrospectively and your referral must have been entered into our system at the point of their registration with Fast Way to Fitness.