John Griffiths


I used to have a couple of clients who worked for the NHS.  They used to tell me the struggles they were having on shifts.  The main ones were no time to eat, no time to train, barely any time to drink enough water and rely on caffeine to keep them going.

As soon as I joined FAST I thought about those struggles again and it came to me to design a programme to help health practitioners overcome these struggles and get the results they desire.

I decided to do some research into this sector.  I got in touch with doctors, nurses, dentists and care workers.  I wanted to get as much information as possible about all their main struggles and design tools to combat them.

The programme is a 12 week plan to bring in little prep for healthy meals and 45 mins sessions to take away the stress of training and getting results.   Over the 12 weeks we will be working closely together with a once a week measurement and strategy session included to make sure your on track with your goals.

Being at Fast way to fitness has now given me the freedom to bring about a programme like this.  I have now been able to put everything into designing the best programme I can to help people overcome their struggles and achieve life changing results.