John Astbury

A little about me

Health has always been something I have been interested in, starting to supplement the amount of sport I played growing up - if I was moving, I was there!

This lead me to completing my degree in Sport Conditioning, Rehabilitation and Massage at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

I now focus my sport into my rugby - Iā€™m captain at Colwyn Bay RFC - and olympic weightlifting.

Back in the Game

I run a programme here specially for guys who have previously been active, played sport, or just feel like they have lost a bit of their edge for what ever reason - Family/Work commitments/Moving etc.

This programme will push you to lift some heavy tin, bringing back that alpha male feeling as testosterone rushes through your body, and will also keep you moving using my skills as a sport masseur.

As well as shifting the tin we will also be checking in each week with a 30min coaching session where we will analyse your body using our bodymetrix system to where we can add the tweaks to get you the results in the quickest time possible!

Two of my most recent results are over two stone (14kg) weight loss in 8 weeks for one client, and another has cured all his knee and back problems!