Jess Aspell


Hello, I’m Jess, I’ve been with FAST since 2014 and, I’ve had the privilege of being both client and coach, here.

Having been a stay at home mum and wife, for several years, I’dslowly and gradually gained a lot of weight and in the process, lost my confidence and sense of self.  

In search of ‘losing weight’, I did the standard thing, joining all the slimming groups and yo-yoing my weight down and up again, and never feeling truly happy. 

I was looking to fulfil myself through losing ‘weight’, but I need felt fulfilled or happy…

…until I happened upon this place called, FAST.

Joining FAST created a small part of the day which I owned and, my role at home didn’t encroach on the time I was in the gym.  

For the first time ever, my focus wasn’t simply on making the numbers on the scales move and wishing for them to be as close to ZERO as possible.  

Through falling in love with resistance training and having the chance to socialise everyday, I regained my sense of self even better than ever before…and my weight-loss was an incredibly welcomed byproduct of the fun I was having.

FAST-forward to 2017, and I’ve been a qualified personal trainer for a while now and I love solely working with women.  

I specialise in helping women lose weight and control symptoms of gynaecological issues through specific nutrition and exercise and creating an important understanding of how our hormones work.

I have created a bespoke style of small group training which is for women only.

Working in the small group setting provides my clients with the intimacy of personal training and the comrade of training partners who share the same daily challenges, successes and principals.