Heather Jones - The brain trainer

Hi I’m Heather – The Brain Trainer

I train peoples brains to THINK differently about their body.

I help women and men explore the emotional connection between food, exercise and the body. By looking at the way YOU think about these things I can help you discover more beneficial thought patterns that lead to inevitable and sustainable weight loss.

My own emotional food story has brought me to this point. I knew for years being stuck in a diet mindset was harming not only my body, my mind but also my relationships with others. I was hooked on sugar, addicted to junk food and couldn’t find a way out.

I knew it was the mental game I needed to win in order to regain control back from the biscuits!!

I began to discover mind blowing techniques to harness the powerful subconscious that years of diets and thinking badly about foods had created bad habits. I was an emotional eater. Eating out of boredom, upset, anger, hurt, eating for comfort, celebration and out of being deprived from controlling diets.  

Loving and accepting myself through this process has made this enjoyable, easy and effortless.

Looking forward to helping you