Are you feeling frustrated after doing hours of training and seeing no difference in fat loss?

If the answer is YES a FatMax Assessment could revolutionise how you train and more importantly get you the results you want.

What is a FatMax Assessment?
It is an assessment that Identifies the exercise intensity at which you burn the biggest proportion of calories as fat.

Why take a FatMax Assessment?
You can make your cardio sessions way more efficient by staying with in the correct zone to ensure all the calories you burn are from FAT.

Including this into your current training programme can have MASSIVE effects on your body transformation.
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our package

A one-to-one FatMax assessment using the latest scientific technology to define your specific fat burning zone. Enabling you to train smarter and burn fat more easily every session.

✓ Discover your optimum Fat Burning zone
✓ Quick and easy 30 min assessment
✓ Proven science backed assessment
✓ Torch body fat by training to your specific data

Investment: £100

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