Transform your body and win a cash prize...

I know right...

Could there be a BIGGER incentive to transform your body than the chance to WIN £500+ in cash as well as achieving that before and after you know would make your cheeks glow with pride 😌

You can buy a whole new wardrobe?
Buy a flight to go and strut round on a beach?
Just basque in the glory of having transformed your body in 8 short weeks!

Join our 8 week body summer body transformation competition that will help you remove the EXCESS BAGGAGE that is perhaps holding you back, weighing on your confidence and stopping your life from being what you know it could be.

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We're going to be straight with you...Fast Way To Fitness helps folk get incredible results and we want YOU to experience this too!

So we've brought together our best Food, Focus and Fitness Coaching strategies to help YOU turn EFFORT into RESULTS!

Especially If you're fed up of feeling like you're trying really hard, yet seeing NO changes on the scales or in the mirror...

Let us walk you through an 8 week proven process that is getting results for people just like you (As you can see in the pictures above)...


For just £147 you'll get... 


an 8 week fitness programme

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We'll give you a workout programme to help guide you on what exercises to do each day.

If you're just getting off the couch, a part time gym attendee or a regular exerciser there will be an 8 week Fitness programme you'll be able to choose from. We'll also make it super easy for you to do without a gym.

Our work out plans will help you build up your strength, tone your tummy and melt away the unwanted body fat.



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Listen in...

At Fast we don't give you a fish we teach you to fish!

We'll teach you EXACTLY how to work out how much food you need to eat to lose the weight you WANT to lose over the 8 weeks you are on the programme...and beyond...

Of course we'll give you the plans to help you and we'll script the exact steps that get you need to get right to get the results you want to see alongside teaching you WHY they work.

So unlike any shake and pill diet you'll understand the principles of weight loss AND you're more likely to lose fat each week using our "FAST Way To Food" methods.

In week one you'll set a goal of how much fat you'd like to lose and we'll hold you to that goal throughout the programme.



We'll help you stay on track(And stay on track)

We'll support and give you the challenge you need to get the results you want to see. Whether thats a kind arm round the shoulder or even a kick up the arse...After years of coaching people we know exactly when to use each one.

Once a week we'll get together and take the steps that will help you get focused and STAY focused over the 8 weeks.

We'll check in weekly with your results so that you can focus on the necessary steps to lose body fat, get fitter and remove the clutter from your life.

We'll meet live on Zoom every Tuesday and spend 30-60minutes looking at the weeks FAST STEPS, WINS, CHALLENGES



Do i need to be a member of fast way to fitness to do this programme?

You do not need to be a current member of Fast Way To Fitness to be on this programme. This is an online programme for people to enter whether they live in Conwy or Colorado.

What happens if i buy the programme and its not for me?

As with all of our programmes we have a 14 day cooling off period. We'll refund your money. 

What happens if i'm not on facebook?

The programme is delivered via Email and Zoom Webinars. Neither of these need facebook. Facebook would be helpful as there will be a community group in there. Some of our clients in the past have had alias profiles such as "Jan Fast" or "Bee Fit". So they can access the 24/7 support without needing to go on facebook.

how many times do i need to work out each week?

We'd recommend that you workout a minimum of 3 times a week to see the benefits of the exercise programmes. There will be 6 different workouts you can do on each of the programmes. Part of this programme will be finding ways to increase how much you move and the intensity at which you train. A 4minute workout at peak intensity can have a more beneficial impact on your body than for example a 20minute jog.

I'm on holiday for 1-2 of the weeks but want to do it, what can i do?

You probably want to ask yourself this if you are going on holiday/ have a big event/ want to do this but as ever there is something that is in the social calender...

When is there EVER going to be a better time? There is ALWAYS going to be a better time. If you have body fat to lose and you've been putting it off... One of the reasons may be that you're always waiting for this 'better time'... I say this with love... One day there wont be a better time if you keep putting it off mein freud. There is bodyweight workout programme that doesn't need a gym and you can always choose new potatoes over chips.

do i get 1-2-1 coaching or training on this programme?

On this programme all of the coaching is done over a Teleseminar/ Web based Live training that is recorded if you can't make the 8.30pm. There will be content created for you whilst you are on this programme and we will answer any of your personal questions raised during the 8 weeks.  

how long are the workouts?

The workouts can be made as long or as short as you want them to be, as stated if the maximum time you have to workout is 4minutes then the 4min pushup challenge is going to be the best choice for you on that day.

what am i actually getting?

Great question: You are investing in an 8 week programme which is a collection of weekly tutorials over the internet, an 8 week fitness programme which you will receive in electronic format and access to the Excess baggage transformation focus group. You will also be in the running for our cash prize.

what is the judging criteria for the winner?

This programme isnt just for someone looking to remove the excess fat. Its an opportunity to dramatically shift gears in their life in all areas. Each person will be asked to put together a PDF/ Word Document of their 8 week experience including their measurements, challenges, weekly competition entries and to summarise their experience.

The Winner will be Judged on the following:

Clean up - The biggest environmental transformation
Lean up- The biggest change by photo
Exercise - The biggest change in fitness
Assess - The best journal of the 8 weeks
Navigation - The most adherent navigation of the programme

Each of these areas will be assessed on a 0 - 10 scale by an independent panel of judges using the information in front of them. The winner will be announced LIVE.