Firm-Up Feb
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Firm-Up Feb


Say bye-bye bingo wings, miss u muffin top and fire-up your focus!

Firm UP February is here folks!

Your Jan-u-ready resolutions may be gone but they’re not forgotten. Firm Up Feb will get you back on track and lazer focussed to Firm up your Plans to Firm Up your body this February and for the rest of 2019!

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Wrexham Pretty Muddy 5K


Race for Life Pretty Muddy is our brilliant 5k muddy obstacle course. Scramble over the A-frame. Crawl through the mud pit. Have fun with your friends. And raise valuable funds for life-saving research.

Steph Young from our Tribe is championing this event.

Join her and the fiesty FAST girls for an unforgettable experience!!!

Sorry guys you’re on the side-lines for this one!

For more details:

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