The FAST ways...


Thinking of what the first article on our new website should be, wasn’t too taxing.

Over the last 6months FAST has gone through one of its biggest phases of Growth,

since we first began in the school yard in 2011…

7 years in and we now know more than ever who we are,

Who we serve,

And what really matters to us.

Like any 7 year old, we now have a bit more of a personality,

Ways we like to go about our business

And we’ve developed a better sense of identity.

For sure we’ve got a LOT of growing still to do.

So its REALLY exciting times.

This is the first of a stream of FLOGS (Fast Logs) that we want to share.

And we’re starting with the work we’ve recently done on company and community culture.

Over the next few days we’ll be sharing with you each of the 10 ‘FAST WAYS’ we’ve developed and how they

are helping us become BETTER than ever.

I’m excited to be writing to you each day.

Yours At Speed…

The FAST Coach.

Poppy Johnson