Boo Hoo

If you're like every other person on the planet at some point or another you've probably exclaimed to yourself 'This isn't fair!'. Even us coaches are not immune to the occasional moment of self-pity and unhelpful thinking. In fact I'm writing this blog because this is exactly what happen to me at the wonderful hour of 5am last Monday! 

The MyZone Move-Ember challenge, the stuff of dreams, building team spirit, personal endeavour and pride had actually made me wake up with a headache. You see I'd been away as the challenge began. MEP watching from my hotel room as everyone began racking up their points was torture. I felt useless, like I was letting the team down, letting Ben down and letting myself down..

Even after taking some action over the weekend to appease the situation (desperately throwing myself into some bedroom burpees and hitting the hotel gym). I still woke up on the Monday with a distinct sense of guilt and a 'poor me' outlook, the timing of the challenge 'wasn't fair' and it would be 'impossible' for me to make up all of the days I had missed! 

Thankfully for everyone at Fast I had an hour's drive to self-coach before arriving back 'fresh' after my mini break. And by the time I stepped onto that awesome red carpet I'd got it back together. I’d chucked out the victim somewhere along the A55 and even better than that I was fired up and raring to go! 

Want to know how? Check out my journey below;

1. Give Yourself a Shake
As I started up my car I knew I needed someone to shake me to my senses! With only a bleary-eyed, fuzzy labradoodle at hand I figured my audio book was the best call. As I listened to the grit of 'Grant Cardon' telling me to 'stop being a little b****h' I immediately changed state! The unhelpful thoughts were annihilated and were replaced with an urgency to get to work and change the world (he's powerful kinda guy!).

2. Look Beyond
I was making good progress. The sun started to rise over Conwy mountain and I looked beyond my 'problem'. I looked beyond the week, I looked beyond the month ('lovely' Move-Ember). I looked beyond the year. I looked beyond Fast and I visualised where I was going. 

I know that gaining perspective is an obvious one right? And I'm sure for many of you worrying about the 'Move-Ember' challenge would be the last thing on your radar. However, we all have a tendency to get wrapped up in the things that matter to use, reflect who we are and represent what's important to us. This was obviously one of mine ;)

3. Find your Fire
Now fully awake, with a clear perspective and a few miles left I dug deep. I'd dismissed the thought that I should just let this one roll and just 'do what I could' (cue victim voice) for the remainder of the month. This wasn't me and it didn't sit right. 

I visualised all of my most powerful moments, all the stuff I had achieved, all the challenges I'd triumphed, all the times I'd pushed myself further than I ever thought I could. 

4. Go Go Go!
As I pulled into the Fast carpark I was buzzing and I knew I just needed to take this energy straight into some action! Any kind of action. 'Imperfect action' as a wise man once said. And that's exactly what I did that day and have continued to do each day this month. With every workout logged, however small, I'm winning. 

Now thirteen days in I'm feeling back to my old self again. A self that I'd left at a circuit training session in Australia last year! So it's been a huge learning curve for me, a bigger lesson than just accepting a challenge, or changing my attitude. 

It's been about listening to myself. Acknowledging what's important to me. Then doing something about it!

We hope the helps you on your journey

Fired-Up Vibes the Fast Team :)