Eating more of this food will help you lose Fat...

Give me a simple plan any day of the week...

Luke Skywalker defeated the dark side with little more advice than "use the force, Luke"...

Neo became the chosen one thinking "there is no spoon"...

Shucks...all Harry Potter needed was Rubeus Hagrid to tell him "You're a wizard Harry"... to believe in himself enough to defeat the deadliest wizard of all time...

"So why do I need a 12 step programme, meal plan, macros, my fitness pal, fitbit and a cheerleader to motivate us... just to lose a couple of pounds?"

We don't need loads of complicated steps...or a personal motivator.

We need a plan and self-belief.

We need advice that can guide us no matter how crappy things in our life become.

See when we've had a day from hell,

we've not eaten and we feel like we're a failure

... a super complicated plan just seems all too overwhelming right?

So what is THE SIMPLE plan to start you losing more fat?


and I know this sounds kinda too simple...
and we even thought that when we started asking people on our 8 week programme.

"Can you eat a little bit more protein?"

We even thought... its GOTTA BE more complicated than this.

But It wasnt.

Check this:

We've had 45 people go through our recently upgraded 8 week transformation programme...

and 80% of those folks have lost over 6kg in weight.

 EVERY person who got results... Ate more protein.
 EVERY person who ate more protein... Didnt feel too hungry
 EVERY person who didn't feel too hungry...Avoided the sugar and excess fat.

Which meant they didn't over eat....So they lost more weight and fat.

A Simple plan to get you started:


This has become one of our SIMPLE PLANs for people looking to lose 6-12kg in 8 weeks.

We start them off by increasing the amount of protein that they eat...

For sure this isn't the ONLY piece of advice they get...

But its the SIMPLE PLAN that gets a result big enough for them to believe that "mission Slim Possible" is ... possible.





Ben Owen