Transforming my body transformed my life....


This is, without doubt, going to have to be a multi part blog...

In July of 2016 the group of 6 trainers did a livestream workout in our beach-wear…

I looked back at it that evening, 

and a heavy disappointment sank over my shoulders…

“Ben you’ve more money, time and Freedom than ever before and you’re the heaviest you’ve ever been”.


Ben Front Before week 1 .JPG

I remember sitting there re-looking at the video, 

trying not to kid myself any longer. 

I’d been telling myself I’d go to the gym for that many Mondays that I could no longer deny my ignorance was no longer bliss.

See my opinion is that you may KNOW how to do something, 

But knowing isn’t doing,

So on that day I took this photo.

A stake in the sand, a commitment. 

Things HAD to change.


There are over 5 BILLION videos watched on youtube every day, 

And there are over 100 MILLION videos about HOW to get fit…

Yet we’re fatter and sicker than we’ve ever been.

We can find out all want, so we KNOW what to do.

But Knowing isn’t doing.

It was precisely me telling myself

“I know what to do, I just need to start”…

Which looped over and over in my head, which I think was stopping me.


And that day was a catalyst.


That evening I messaged a good friend and fellow trainer.

"Dude, I need to get in shape,

I don’t care how much it costs, 

I just know you’re the man for the job,

I’m 30 in 6months, I’ve had a great twenties,

So I’m going to celebrate it by being in the BEST shape of my life”


I’d worked out in my twenties that if I Lead with Love my life would go pretty well…

All the decisions which I had made to love my body more,

Love my work more,

And love my friends and family more...

had ALWAYS lead me to great things.

I love my body and I wanted nothing more than to treat it to a transformation,

for its next 10 years of use... SO I knew this would only lead to great things too.


Also I was a little nervous…

What if I’d been selling this “Dream” that transforming your body would transform your life… and it didn’t?

I’d pedaled this idea that fitness health was a vehicle for wealth and happiness for so long… what if It made me broke and sad?


I took to my little gym, and set out on my quest.

In my next few blog posts I’ll be sharing with you the events of the last year since making my decision to transform my body.

I am doing this to inspire, share and inform you.

As I’ve learned so much…

In each I l'll reveal some of the struggles I overcame, 

The lessons I learned,

and the incredible gift this transformation has given me.