Benjamin owen

Hey there I’m Benjamin Owen,

  • Started training people at the age of 15 years old
  • Competed internationally as a track athlete
  • Qualified Teacher and Exercise Scientist
  • Created Fast Way to Fitness in 2011
  • Opened first gym in 2014
  • Now has largest body transformation facility in the country and leads a team of body transformation specialists


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I am the guy that created Fast Way To Fitness and I’d love to share with you a little about myself and the incredible story of how a pay as you go fitness session became a transformation company that is helping hundreds of people better their lives every day.

Over the 15 years I’ve been training and coaching people I’ve had the huge pleasure of helping people transform their lives for the better. I’ve worked with elite athletes and footballers, to folk who’ve just decided they’ve had enough of the couch.

I’ve got such a passion for progress that I love obsessing about the intricate journey of success and how to best help people create it in all areas of their lives.

Mentoring and Coaching has helped me create a body, brain and business that I am head over heels in love with and I want to share that same experience with people who want the same for themselves.


I am a short, intense and hugely passionate coach who loves to be transparent.

Yep, I realised in my earliest days of coaching that the best way to lead was from a place of vulnerability. 

My unrelenting desire for personal growth has lead me to invest hundreds of thousands of pounds in personal development, alongside countless hours of study to be the best possible coach.

I’ve had some huge successes in my life and numerous failures and I’m proud to say they’ve made me the empathetic and caring guy I am today.

I’m extroverted, loud and love to teach.

The growth I’ve experienced whilst building and developing as a business leader is whats brought tremendous joy to my life… and its that very feeling which makes me get up every day and feel grateful to be able to do what I do.

Fast way to fitness

Fast was the result of wanting to help people fall in love, or back in love with exercise. It started out as a small fitness bootcamp on a school yard, where we would have 40-50 people each morning waking up early and attending a short workout.

Fast ironically became a rapid success and grew from 15 people in April 2011 to nearly 80 members in its first year. 

People loved the early morning workouts, the fact we had a programme to help people lose unwanted body fat and most of all the sense of community that we created in the sessions.

After 3 years of creating and running outdoor fitness camps in Glanwydden, St Asaph, Rhyl, and Abergele it was time to open a centre dedicated to helping people transform their bodies…FAST.

My continuous passion for innovation has meant we’ve continually developed the programmes we offer at FAST to make them work FASTER with lasting effect. 

In December 2016 I handed the baton of Head Fitness Camp Coach over to Rob King, to pursue being a full time Manager and Leader at Fast Way To Fitness.

Fast was my baby, it helped me learn so much about health, happiness and building long lasting relationships and is the reason I am so great at what I do today. I am hugely grateful for everyone that has been a part of its continued FAST paced development.


Having never spoken in front of a large group of people before I felt it was a great idea to launch FAST with a seminar named “The Fast Steps to Fat-loss”. 

I popped out an open invite to my friends to bring friends to a workshop where I would be sharing my top tips on how to lose body fat.

70 people showed up to that event, and to say I was nervous is a huge under statement, however I remember thinking, I just gotta do this. 

This was the first time many of the folk in Conwy had been invited to a Health Seminar… FAST and my speaking career had started.

Sharing what I’ve seen work… and not work… has been something I have become increasingly passionate about and I have toured round the country speaking at schools, businesses and for other fitness facilities.

I deliver 3 keynote presentations.

“The 5 things I wished I known about health, energy and money at 16” -  I deliver this for free at Schools. Its my way of creating the ripple effect of what we do. I’ve always said, I wish someone would have shared what I know now with my 16 year old self… So instead I created this workshop.

“Health & Energy for High Performers” - I deliver this 30-45minute presentation at business events. In it I share with folk what makes us Fat, Sick and Tired… and what small levers swing big actions to change our Health and Energy.

“The Fast Way to…(Enter desired outcome)” - Over the 6+ Years I’ve been doing public speaking I’ve delivered the Fast Way to great sleep, to the Fast Way to turn your income from 5 - 6 Figures. This workshop is delivered by me or one of my team. 


In 2015 I launched the FREEDOM Mastermind and Coaching Programme. I created FREEDOM so I could bring together professional men and women who wanted to transform their bodies, brains and businesses.

Freedom is about mastering the art of creating a life which you are head over heels in love with, leading a team of people you care about and creating a ripple effect from the work that you do.

I love running immersion days 1-2-1 with my Freedom members, creating a plan for how to create more freedom in their life, a more leveraged income and reclaim time energy and health.

Each year I run the FREEDOM Experiential which is where we go on an adventure for personal growth, self discovery and the joy of having an experience that you will treasure forever.