ben moffatt

I am so proud to say I have changed the lives of many of my clients both mentally and physically - transforming bodies to transform mindset. 

I love working with clients who suffer with low self esteem and confidence struggles because when you achieve something you never thought possible yourself, the reward is so much sweeter! 

I never thought I would being the shape I am in today and thats reinforced with the fact i never took any starting or progress pictures!! To me it was just about staying consistent, each day pushing myself that little bit further out of my comfort zone and appreciating myself for doing so. 

Whether it’s someone looking to get back to dating, improve on socialising skills or just generally improving the vision you see of yourself in the mirror, I want to know because over the past 3 years I have taken all the necessary steps to improving my confidence and I’d love to share them. 

I was once vulnerable too, I still am vulnerable. looking for something new i can throw myself into knowing I may struggle at first, I may fail but there are always lessons in failure and sometimes those lessons are so powerful they really show how powerful you are - If i can do this, in no time ill be able to do this. 



I understand everyone has their own personal struggle and you may share some I have put behind me to get where I am today! 

My program is a fantastically efficient way to get in the shape that makes you physically and mentally happy to be YOU. 

In the gym:

Training, which is available in the gym 4-5 times a week is the foundation of fat loss and building strength. My small group training sessions are 1:4 where you enter the gym, meet your workout partners and leave your ego at the door. Taking steps not leaps, my clients start low, go slow and aim high. each session pushing that little bit harder and improving on what they thought was their best. When clients surprise themselves inside the gym doing things they thought were impossible of themselves, confidence is also gained outside the gym in everyday life. 

Outside of the gym:

The relationships created from being one of my clients is the true root to a mental transformation. Sessions outside the gym focusing on starting small, finding the courage to do confident things to make you more confident and even facing fears! Here is a video of the transformation of one of my clients Chloe. Not only has chloe completely changed the way she looks, She has also changed the way she feels and looks at her fitness.