Andy Thomas


Andy Thomas - or otherwise known as the ‘No Pain, No Gain’ Health & Fitness Coach based at FAST.

Are you looking for a coach who can build your confidence, get you lean and transform your body in a way that you have never seen before? Then I am your guy. 

I deliver unique and different workouts each session so that you can enjoy your fitness journey. 

My knowledge and confidence I have collected from various coaches over the years enables me to train you in a way that you get the best results for your goal. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger once said ‘ The worst thing I can be is the same as everybody else. I’d hate that.’

You may have guessed from the quote that I am passionate about the Art of Bodybuilding. 

Do you want to gain muscle but don’t know how?

Don’t worry. 

I was in the exact same position ten years ago. 

I can show you the way. 


Now let’s get you that body you’ve always wanted. 

I offer various programmes available at Fast Way To Fitness -

AT Online Programme

The Firing Squad


12 Week Programme

This is a programme where you feel you need that extra push with nutrition and tweaks to your current training plan. 

What you will receive: 

Nutritional Advice
Training Plan
Weekly Check Ins

12 Week Programme

Comfortable with training in a small group? Grow your confidence with like minded individuals with the same goals as you. 

You will receive 4-2-1 training, 5 times a week with a personalised training plan. 

& guess what..we also get to go out and do fun stuff too!

12 week programme

Are you interested in building muscle whilst losing fat?

The Flex-Rated programme is designed around bodybuilding and sculpting your body.