Your traditional about us page would be… ‘about us’, 

but like we’re not into tradition, Dogma or being the same as ‘other ways’

This part is going to be more about YOU.

Fast Way to Fitness is about helping people like you create extraordinary changes,

And we can’t create extra ordinary lives by doing the same old stuff.

We do Food, Focus and Fitness differently…

And we’re going to tell you HOW and WHY on this page.


See, if you’ve been struggling with getting motivated to go to the gym,
Or your gym experience has been boring, 
or you’ve felt judged, totally out of your depth, like you have no clue…
It makes doing fitness kinda SUCK right?

We noticed that most people HAD that experience of fitness,
Thats why they didn’t enjoy it, or even feared it.

So what we did at FAST was to take all of the things that people LOVE about training,
and created a way of putting them together.

We brought together the best equipment, music, room, people…
That made coming to the gym more exciting.

“Our mission is to make our sessions the BEST part of your day”

We took the BEST coaches who know to inspire a group of people,
and taught them how to make EVERY exercise achievable…

So no matter if you’re a seasoned squatter or a Beginner burpee’er…
You’d be able to join in, do a GREAT workout and walk out the door at the end of the session feeling like a winner.

We also forged a ‘FAST Way’ of training to help you get focused and IN to your session.

So, no matter if you are doing an early morning shift at 6.15am or a late evening training session,
You’ll feel in the right mind and body state to give your workout your BEST energy.

After years of running 1-2-1 personal training we also realised that what made people fall in love or back in love with fitness was our community.

People enjoyed meeting at the gym to workout together and push one another.
So we started bringing together like minded personal training clients, who shared similar struggles.

Which meant our personal training clients began to get to know one another too.

Fast has become the success it is today because we’ve built our programmes based on creating a tribe feel to our gym.

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We’ve done things like detox diets, food lists, calorie counting, meal plans…
and our clients got GREAT results using these methods.

But as GREAT as the results were in the short term….
Sticking to a diet where you “can’t” eat foods that you enjoy isn’t sustainable.

“Find the small hinge that opens the big door”

Over the 6 years Fast has been operating we’ve continuously innovated our food coaching.

We’ve calculated what the smallest and simplest changes are, to create the biggest transformations, all so it can be made simpler and easier for YOU.


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They don’t have boundless energy because they eat one great meal,

In fact their lives don’t transform because they have a good week.

They get GREAT results because they keep the goal the goal.

They take small and very progressive steps towards where they want to be.

One of our ways at FAST ways is to “Start Low, Go Slow but Aim High”…

To help YOU follow one course until successful,  our team have obsessed about becoming world class coaches and success consultants.

We’ve studied intensively in areas from productivity to persuasion, human behaviour to the Science of Happiness…

All in aid of keeping you progressing along your chosen path to the successes you share with us.

On all of our programmes you will check in regularly with a coach to help you along on your way.

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We call it a tribe.

When you last walked into the gym you may have felt you didn’t belong there,

Or perhaps you didn't KEEP going because you didn’t really connect with anyone,

Perhaps nobody even bothered to get to know you....and it made getting fit a somewhat lonely journey.

Our community is awesome at helping people get started in Fitness,
because they ALL remember what it was like.
So they’ll say hello when they’ve never seen you before, or partner up with you in a workout.

So you can really get to know the people you see each day in the gym we also have social events  such as barbecues, nights out, adventures and our annual Fast Way To Fitness Annual Ball, where celebrate a year of transforming Bodies and lives together.

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Being healthy and fit gives you more energy to have more FUN.

If you’re currently not having enough fun we’re going to take a punt in guessing its because there’s perhaps a struggle in your life caused by not having enough time, energy or money.

When folk eat better, attend a daily high energy workout and surround themselves with people who are on the way to creating more of those things, they too find they want to and find the time for “way more fun”.

One of our coaches George Waring biggest value is Fun. He teaches busy business people how to cultivate more success from adding more fun into their working week, from going surfing on a friday evening, to taking a mid week break and going out in the mountains.

Fun is important to you and us.

Benjamin Owen (Me) has studied the science of happiness and knows how to help people practice activities that make them feel way happier, one such thing is scheduling fun.

Our workouts, socials and tribe is geared to help us all have way more fun.