21 - Day Challenge

"I'm ready to stop the I'll start Monday cycle and take some action TODAY!"

Give me one of the in demand spaces on the next FAST Way To Fitness 21 day challenge so I can begin reclaiming my motivation, feeling like I'm getting somewhere in my fitness and losing some unwanted body fat.

I'm ready to start taking action and to stop putting this off any longer... 


Here is what you'll be getting: This turbo charged plan is for people looking for a jump start in their fitness without the long term commitment:

Over 3 short weeks you will be able to:


Access unlimited fitness sessions

We'll match your new enthusiasm to exercise with our transformational fitness formula. You'll have access to unlimited group training throughout the day, workouts scaled so you can feel like your progressing at every level and a personal trainer to walk you through all of the exercises.

Our AM classes are on at 6.15, 7.15, 9.15am

Our PM evening classes are 6.15 & 7.15 pm.


get 1-2-1 help with a coach

There is an art (and a science) to getting motivated... and we've got the two nailed down.

You'll get walked through our 21 day Challenge programme, but unlike some online cheat sheet or one size fits all meal plan, we'll actually customise the advise you need to get you the FASTEST and BEST result for your long term goals.



See dramatic changes

Just like Ryan in the photo after the 21 days is over you'll be able to continue your progress with FAST Way To Fitness on one of our longer programmes (If these are the kind of results you want)...

Ryan took just under 6 months to get these results following the steps we gave him on our programmes.

He lost his first stone in the first month and the fat just kept on melting away.

*As with all health and weight loss programs results will differ for all individuals*

Here's how your 21 days looks...

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 12.30.43.png

Day 1= Fast Start session
Your personal 1-2-1 session to get you started on the Fast Way To Fitness. In this 1 hour session we'll walk you through the exact steps you need to take in order to make the FAST'est start on your transformation. This session will include measurements, food coaching and orientation to the gym.

21 Day Result NB.jpg


Day 10 = Results Check in & Coaching
After 10 days you'll be meeting with your coach to assess how things are progressing. In this session you'll sit with your coach, take some measurements and look at the things you can do to help your speed up your fat loss or keep you moving towards your 21 day goal.

Untitled design (17).png


Day 21 = Final results assessments and next steps

On completing your 21days you'll evaluate how the 3 weeks has gone, whether your goal was to attend the gym, eat better, lose weight or just to get started

YES! I Want to know more...

So what are the details?


    Our 21 day programme is running throughout the start of this year and you start when you are ready.

    • The programme comes with a full money back guarantee... If you don't love us... We'll refund your money.
    • The Investment is:  £125 for the entire programme

    Your Promise:

    • I will attend a FAST 45 minute workout session at least three times a week, including one HIIT (High Intensity) session.

    • I will follow the food guidance given to me by my coach.

    • I will keep an honest food diary and hand it in to my coach at each coaching session.

    • I will complete the full challenge.

    Our Promise:

    • We promise you will feel better about exercise – you could even fall in love, or back in love with it.
    • We promise we will sit with you 1-2-1 and help you tackle those sometimes tricky changes.
    • We promise you will either lose weight, cms or both.
    • We promise you’ll feel fitter.

    *As with all health and weight loss programs results will differ for all individuals*

    YES! I Want to know more...

    Still not sure?

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